Giudicarie Alps: the kingdom of cheese

Lovers of good food absolutely have to taste the cheeses "Puzzone Moena", "Tosèla di Primiero" and "Trentingrana" during their holiday in the Trentino, the Primiero and the Giudicarie Alps.

The cheese" Puzzone di Moena", is produced exclusively in the area of Moena, near the city of Trento. It is made out of cow's milk. The strong smell characterizes it. It is often served with polenta.

"The cheese "Tosela" is produced in Primiero, between Veneto and Trentino. This typical cheese has to be consumed within a few days of its production. The cheese "Tosela" makes you taste the fragrance of mountain pastures' herbs. The cheese is good to accompany polenta, mushrooms or sausages.

Finally we have the Trentingrana cheese. It's the most popular Italian table cheese. It is very rich in calcium and is produced out of mountain milk only.

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