Fassa Bike - the bikepark in Val di Fassa Valley

The Bikepark Val di Fassa is situated between the Mount Marmolada, the Sass Pordoi and the Sella Mountains. The trails are demanding. But, with a bit of concentration and effort also beginners can handle them.

Today the Bikepark Fassa provides a free ride trail with different north-shore elements and a downhill trail with two jumps and a few tricky tracks. The downhill trail is steep and fast. The Belvedere slope down to Pecol is really fun to ride.

A lot of bikes in the Fassa Bikepark
Starting there the free ride trail leads through deep forests down to Canazei. On the trail you can find some north-shore elements and even a wall. If you don't know the track you should be careful. Only after a few tries you will feel confident enough to really take a speedy ride!

The trails are signposted very well. Please pay attention and follow all the signposts in order not to accidently end up on hiking trails. For the next season some more north shore elements and a dirt jump area are planned.

In Canazei there you find a huge number of facilities at your disopsial for perfect holidays: shops, rentals, bike hotels and restaurants. The prices for lift tickets are reasonable.

By the way: in 2008 the Fassa Bikepark was venue of the IXS Downhill Championships.

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